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Good Guys in Bad Lands·

Good Guys in Bad Lands was in 2012 a year after the death of an our Brother in Arms, killed in Afghanistan during a firefight with Insurgents. Shocked by this strong experience, we decided to create one of the first military fan-pages dedicated to the memory of all fallen Soldiers."Good Guys in Bad Lands" is a window on social media in order to bring the web people to respect and dutiful appreciation to these Good Guys.Nowadays, with hundreds of thousands worldwide fans, this page became a recognized symbol of the military community and not only. Through the constant publication of posts it achieves an average visibility and interactivity of tens of millions of visitors per month.


Good Guys in Bad Lands has sets itself two goals:(I) to grow up its own symbol as identifier of high moral backbone:(II) to built an international Brotherhood between Military and Law enforcement operators.


Thanks to its fans and sponsors "Good Guys in Bad Lands" is able to accomplish a "Social Projects" in favor of military and police units. We are also proud to help Veterans and their families regardless of their nationality.

Good Guys in Bad Lands

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